Artist Statement

"Subjectivity is always a reaction to something." Sylvère Lotringer

In my work I use external means to capture interior moments; moments of intimacy, of reflection, of fear and desire, emotions that could be mine, but don’t belong to me. For this I use Non-Persons (a doll, myself as other). Non-Persons have no personal depth. They may wear masks, or display an absence of features, suggesting some primordial state, elusive symbols, or tutelary shadows.

Non-Persons are allowed to express anything that traverses them, but without taking any responsibility for it. They act as a platform where I can experiment with atmospheric moods, light, gestures, poses, motions. They provide a repertory of attitudes and affects that can be varied experimentally and generate other ideas.



Gilles Deleuze wrote that there’s nothing personal about life, and Non-Persons are alive in that way. They are cyphers in a drama that never arrives to any conclusion because it constantly shifts and recurs in other forms. Their preferred mode is interaction, and they often double themselves up in order to create an ambiguous tension in which animate and inanimate, original and simulacrum can exchange their own properties.


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