Women is a black and white series consisting of twenty different sub-series.

The subject of each image is a female figure, a kind of archetypical woman. When you take a closer look, you can see that it's not a real woman. The figure is an inanimate double of myself, a cloth doll I created based on my own measurements. I deliberately kept the volume of the body very thin so she sometimes appears almost two-dimensional or even like a cartoon figure. 

The next step was to build a wooden grid in my studio. I attached it to the ceiling and then hung the “woman” from the grid with threads like a marionette. I wanted to create a kind of generic female figure as a projection surface for the viewer and myself and produce emotional moments through variations on poses and clothing.


Later, I gave the doll a metal spine with bendable arms so she could also hold freestanding poses. Then I took her out into the “real” world. I took her along almost everywhere I traveled and had her pose in various locations.